Olivier Dubard:

Visual Development,

Concept Art.

Resume 2020:

Olivier Dubard is a Visual Development Artist Artist at Blizzard Entertainment.

He is a Concept Designer  who imagine and create worlds for the entertainment industry.

Coming form Reunion Island, his dream has been to be seeking a career in Hollywood where he started and being featured on the big screen on big franchise such as Terminator, the Hunger games, Alice in Wonderland, Star Trek... to name a few.

He also has been featured and awarded in magazine such as 3D world magazine, and online 3D total.

He is now working in the cinematic department at Blizzard Entertainment making epic art.

Location: New York
Email: contact.olivierdubard@gmail.com

Here is a list of clients I had the pleasure to work with:

Blizzard Entertainment

Bluesky studios

Microsoft studios

Sony Pictures Imagreworks

Double Negative

Digital Domain

The Gnomon Workshop

Method Studios

The Mill